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YoB&E: Day 203/204--Seeds of deceit

Somehow, this video ended upon the official Sesame Street YouTube homepage despite the fact that it appears to have been actually posted to YouTube by a cleverly disguised bootlegger (in other words, an imposter). The fact that whoever uploaded it doesn't even know how to spell "Ernie" should have been a clue.

Nevertheless, although it found its way online by questionable means, it is undeniably an authentic Sesame sketch. And of the two Sesame Street flower pageants, I like this one a little bit better; there's a lot more going on in it.

Moreover, I've learned something from this experience, which is to always look for the little checkmark that says it's a verified name, even if it's on the official page.

I actually don't mind if people post bootlegged Sesame Street clips. My policy for online video is, if I want to watch something, I always try to find out if it's available from the rightsholder first. But in the case of Sesame Street, there's just so much content, going so far back...I mean, if people post things that are already available on DVD (or, to a lesser extent, VHS), that's basically robbing a non-profit organization of the proceeds that they use to do so much good in the world, which is not cool. There's some morally grey area when it comes to bootlegging individual clips, especially if you're looking specifically for things that can be featured in an online blog, but sometimes people copy an entire video release and put it up online for free, which is an unambiguous violation of copyright. But for stuff that's not otherwise available through official channels, in any format, I say "keep circulating the tapes," at least until the Workshop posts it through official channels, at which point you should get it from them.

But this particular YouTube user has made a concerted effort to give the unsuspecting viewer the false impression that it IS the official Sesame Street channel. In legal terms, that's misrepresentation; in Biblical terms, it's bearing false witness, but whatever you call it, it's wrong.

So I guess what I'm saying is, as long as the bootleggers make it clear that they are not affliated with the Workshop, I find it mostly harmless.

Like I said, I think I like this one a little bit better than the other flower pageant, which is very informative about growing flowers, but this one also works in a prosocial message about cooperation. Plus it has Richard Hunt as Gladys the Cow being a total diva, which is awesome.

Herry played the sun in the other flower pageant too. Typecasting?

I really like Ernie's cloud costume, and I really like the way he says, "Rainrainrainrainrainrainrainrainrain!" This sketch appears to date from the late '80s, at which point Jim Henson had become this big-name filmmaker, and yet he still kept coming back to Sesame Street to perform and kept giving 100% to his characters. He could have easily--and with some justification--said, "Oh, I don't have time for that anymore; let's find someone else to do it," but he always carved out some time in his schedule for it. Personally, I think it was kind of like a little vacation for him.
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