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YoB&E: December 25th--Christmas pageant

Prairie Dawn puts on a Nativity pageant. Yes, really.

Now, I've been outspoken in the past about my distaste for/discomfort with nonhuman representations of the Nativity and/or puppet recreations of the Nativity, so by all rights, I should be really offended by this. But I'm not offended, although I won't deny that it makes me a little uncomfortable. I guess it works for me because of the metafictional aspect to it; it's a story about a bunch of characters putting on a Christmas pageant. Bert isn't trying to convince me that he IS Saint Joseph; quite the opposite.

Bert should have mentioned his hayfever in rehearsals. Assuming they have rehearsals at all; maybe that's why these things always fall apart.

They probably should have swaddled Natasha; it's right there in the original text, and it would serve a practical purpose as well.

I love Herry Monster.

"Cookie Monster, you were supposed to bring myrrh!" He should have said, 'Well, me not even know what that is.' But props to Grover for not saying that he brought Frankenstein.

Merry Christmas, all!
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