Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

YoB&E: December 27th--Ernie and Telly's rhyming game

Ernie and Telly play a game about the letter A.

I particularly wanted to do a clip including Telly today, because something happened over Christmas that kind of bummed me out. I gave my niece a Sesame Street video for Christmas, and at one point she was looking at the cover and I was asking her who all the characters were, but she couldn't identify Telly and got a little upset about it. And then I felt bad about asking her a question she couldn't answer...but on the other hand, Telly is on the show nearly every day, so there's no reason she shouldn't know who he is. Poor Telly; he just never gets enough recognition.

But she also said something kind of cute when we were talking about who was on the video. She mentioned Bert & Ernie, and I told her that they were my favorites, and she said, "Me too!" Which may or may not be true--sometimes little kids just agree with whatever adults say--but she sure sounded enthusiastic about it.

I knew it was a good present because I watched it before I wrapped it up to give it to her. What they did is they took the best part of Sesame Street, i.e., the Muppet inserts, and filled up a two-hour DVD with just Muppet inserts. So it's like a feature-length Sesame Street comedy cavalcade. Why couldn't someone have thought of that when I was a little kid? But anyway, when I got done watching it, I was torn between the excitement of giving it to her and a longing to keep it for myself. But I gave it to her, of course, because I can always just buy another one. I hope she and her big brothers like it as much as I did.
Tags: internet videos, year of bert & ernie
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