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YoB&E: "Things That I Remember"

Today wraps up the Bert & Ernie project. I wasn't sure which icon to use for this song, because the main part of the sketch is Steve Whitmire performing Ernie, but then the flashbacks in the montage are all Henson and Oz.

(The audio balance is better on the YouTube video, but the video quality is slightly better on the Sesame Street website. So I guess if you're really clever, you can mute one and sync up the other one.)

This song was written by Jeff Moss, and is one of the last songs he ever wrote. I made it a goal to feature each of the sketches referenced in the montage, so if you recognize all the flashbacks, I've done my job. And if you don't, I guess you'll just have to go back and watch them all again, heeheeheeheehee!

I didn't realize it until now, but the first sketch I posted as part of this project was also about remembering, so I guess we've come full circle.

In the beginning of this project, I wanted to raise awareness of/appreciation for Sesame Street because even though so many of us watched and loved it as children, so many people come to dismiss it when they get to be adults, and I wanted to demonstrate that it's still just as smart and funny and relevant now as it has ever been. I don't know if I've had any success in that regard, but I still think it's a worthwhile goal. If anything, it's become even more important to me since Amazon and YouTube keep recommending Barney videos to me based on my interest in Sesame Street. That just goes to show how dismissive adults can be about children's entertainment; the attitude is essentially: "Oh, you can just show kids any crap you want and they'll watch it anyway; you don't actually have to put any time or effort or care into producing something quality." Well, the problem with that attitude, besides the fact that it's stupid, is that you're setting the example of playing to the lowest common denominator. Kids will pick up on that, which will have a twofold effect: (a) They're going to have low self-esteem because they'll believe that adults don't think it's worth the effort to create something of quality for them; (b) when it comes time for them to start creating things of their own, they're going to play to the lowest common denominator because they've learned that it's not worth the effort to produce something quality.

So heightened appreciation for Sesame Street was what I hoped to accomplish, in addition to helping future diplomats promote peace in the Middle East. My actual accomplishments are probably a lot more humble. I hope I've helped to bring some smiles to faces, to brighten people's days one comedy sketch at a time. If nothing else, it's been therapeutic for me to spend a little time with my old friends (almost) every day, to go back to a time of innocence, to sweep away the clouds of doubt and fear and cynicism from my heart. It's reminded me that there are people in the world who care about doing quality work even if--especially if--the intended audience is children; people who start out with good intentions and put those intentions into play to achieve positive results that are real and measurable in the world.

There's so much that I've discovered in the course of this project. I've discovered some new Sesame material, as well as some old material that I'd never seen before. I've rediscovered things I'd forgotten, and I've discovered new, deeper, richer significance in the material already close to my heart.

Most of all, I've had fun posting these videos, and I hope you had fun watching them. Because it was so much fun, now I'm keen to get started on another project. Probably not a daily project, because I really don't have time for that, but maybe something on a weekly or monthly basis. I already have an idea of a serious project that I'd like to do, but I'd like to do another fun project as well, or maybe several fun projects in succession. I'll have to think about it some more.
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