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Happy New Year, all! I rang in 2014 by watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, because I discovered, almost too late, that the whole series was available for free on Hulu until 12/31 was over.

Do you suppose they're ever going to make reboot movies of Star Trek:TNG the way they have with the original series? I'm not sure how I would feel about that.

On the one hand, it's nearly impossible to imagine other people playing those characters. I thought all the casting on the TOS reboots has been really good, but on the other hand, I've never been heavily invested in those characters in the first place so I can kind of view the recasts with emotional detachment. But the TNG characters are precious to me, so the stakes would be higher.

But on the other hand, there would be an opportunity there to explore new territory with those characters. For example, if they built on the foundation laid by the series and figured out what didn't work at the beginning, there would be no need to kill off Tasha Yar right off the bat, and there would be an opportunity to allow her to develop as a character. I think that could potentially be very interesting.

And of course, none of that is taking into consideration what effect the TOS reboots would have on the continuity of that alternate universe. And I haven't seen Into Darkness yet, so I don't know how that comes into play.
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