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I don't have anything to say against people who are taking a principled stance against watching/competing in/commentating on the Olympics on account of Russia's anti-gay laws, but I think perhaps there are more effective ways to make a statement.

I know there's nothing original about my invoking the example of Jesse Owens' early, noncombat victory against the Nazis at this juncture, but the fact that we're still talking about it nearly 80 years after the fact shows that he made a far more impressive statement by competing than he would have by not competing. Moreover, his victory helped illuminate the injustice that he and thousands of others were still facing here at home.

If I were an athlete or a spectator attending the Games, I would wear a pink triangle of solidarity, and I would try to convince others to do the same. I forgot that the IOC has rules against that sort of thing. But I would try to find a way to sneak it in there anyway. Tattoo it on my forehead, maybe; they couldn't very practically ask me to remove it.

Google's act of defiance is subtle but effective. I salute them.
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