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Again, it turned out approximately the way I expected it would, with Hanyu winning gold and Patrick Chan winning silver. But neither of them skated up to their full potential, and that was really disappointing. I mean it was REALLY disappointing for everyone. Poor Scott Hamilton sounded he was on the verge of tears while recapping the event, and the general mood among the commentators after the fact was almost funereal.

Hanyu is the first Japanese man to win figure skating gold, which is surprising considering what a dominant force they have becoming in figure skating over the past 5-10 years, particularly in singles' skating. Patrick Chan is a two-time Olympic silver medalist after the team event. Yes, he wanted gold; yes, he's disappointed to have missed out on it, but he could not have a better, more sportsmanlike attitude about it, and for that I salute him.

The thing that really annoys and frustrates me, though, is that the remarkable Denis Ten of Kazakhstan won the bronze medal, which is the first figure skating medal EVER for Kazakhstan, and NOBODY seems to care! Here's a young man who has SINGLE-HANDEDLY put his country on the world figure skating stage; where is his respect? He gave, arguably, the best free skate of the night in terms of skating clean, and Hamilton and Bezic didn't even MENTION him during their recap!

I understand that emotions run high, and I understand disappointment, but there's no need to behave as though somebody died. Let's try to keep things in perspective and focus on what's really important.

That goes for me too.
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