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But Jason Brown gives me hope. I watched an interview he gave shortly after the fact, beaming with pride, overflowing with enthusiasm; if you didn't know better, you'd think he'd won the gold. I read a news story shortly after the fact mentioning how he was 9th and Jeremy Abbott[*]who, after his phoenix-like short program, gave a terrific, heartfelt, nearly flawless free skate) was in 12th, talking about how this was such a "disastrous" result for the US men, and the lowest in however many years. Meanwhile, on the commentators' side, Johnny Weir[*]who is very, very brave to show up in Sochi and do his thing, all things considered, so I'm really striving to restrain myself and not say anything TOO catty about him, but I'm really, REALLY annoyed with him right now) and Tara Lipinski[*](Oh sure, it's easy for you to talk from up in the stands, Little Miss One-and-Done) were being total pissy bitches, while Scott Hamilton was practically grieving.

And then here comes Jason Brown bouncing onto the scene going: "Whoo! I'm in the top ten!"

As well he should. A positive attitude is the best possible approach to take. Atta boy, Jason! You show those sourpusses what the Olympic spirit is all about!

I'm just a little bit concerned: if this is how he reacts when he comes in ninth, what's he going to do if/when he wins? I'm afraid he just might spontaneously combust.
Tags: figure skating, grouches of the world unite, olympics
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