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Commentary on commentary

Generally speaking, I don't know much about sports, but it seems to me that sometimes the commentators tend to point out the obvious.

Like I was watching the women's snowboard cross qualifying round, and the commentator said something like, "You don't want to go down on those curves; you want to stay up." Well, duh.

Another time I was watching short-track speed skating, and it was Apolo Ohno doing the commentary, and I love him. But at one point, it was a women's event, and he said something like, "She has to get to the front if she wants to win," and I was like, "I think that's true of pretty much every racing event." [*]Not every racing event, though. I know there are some cross-country ski races where the start is staggered and you just race against the clock.

Part of the problem is that the events, and therefore the commentary, go by so quickly. Maybe those things could stand up to scrutiny if one really studied them. Those comments stood out to me, but if I put them back into the context maybe it would make more sense.

And I'm certainly not suggesting that I could do any better. Even if I knew what I was talking about, I need time to synthesize my thoughts before I say them out loud. The fact that these commentators can keep up this steady stream of speech on the spur of the moment, and more often than not come out with the perfect pithy phrase to encapsulate a particularly stunning moment, is really impressive to me. And if once in a while they say something that sounds kind of stupid, that's still probably a lot better than I manage.
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