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I've never actually seen A League of Their Own, but I know the most famous line from it: "There's no crying in baseball!" I just wish the security guards at the Iceberg would tell people, "There are no airhorns in figure skating!" Sadly, they did not. But that's really the only thing to be sad about tonight.

I accidentally spoiled myself today for the results of the ice dancing competition that aired tonight, but in a way it was kind of a good thing because I could just relax and enjoy it. See, the disappointment of the men's competition reminded me that there are no sure things, so watching the short dance last night, I couldn't really enjoy it because I was just terrified that something horrible would happen and ruin everything. But it didn't.

So, as expected, Davis and White won! Brought home Olympic ice dancing gold for the US for the first time ever! Hooray! I had to laugh at Meryl Davis, though, because they were being interviewed after the fact and the interviewer asked her to describe her feelings, and she said she was shocked, and I was like, "Really? Because I think you're pretty much the only one."

Virtue and Moir were silver, and I love them too, and I always will. I just realized that Canada has won silver in every figure skating event so far except pairs.

We didn't manage a North American sweep of the podium, however, because a Russian team won bronze, but that's okay. They were really good and I loved their program. Although, I was talking before about commentators pointing out the obvious, and here was an example: girl comes out wearing a black tutu, and Tracy Wilson says, "They're skating to Swan Lake, and she's portraying the black swan." Thanks for that. She's a generally really good commentator, and I suppose not everyone is familiar with the story, but...duh.

Prior to Davis and White's performance, the other commentator Tom Hammond said something like, "Even if you're not a fan of ice dancing, you have to respect two athletes at the top of their game," and I was like, "Really? Would you mind telling that to Brian Williams and all the American hockey fans? Because they don't seem to respect figure skating in general, and ice dancing in particular, AT ALL!" Well, maybe the gold medal can finally buy their respect (but I doubt it).

To end on a positive note, I love Charlie White, just in general, but one thing I love about him in particular is that it appears that he gets a haircut at the beginning of the season and then doesn't cut it again all through the season, so at the end he has this shaggy blond mane, and it's adorable.

And they are awesome. The end.
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