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Today in meaningless gestures

Apparently someone started up a petition to try to change the results of the women's figure skating competition. This is HILARIOUS to me. Why bother having a competition at all? Let's just vote for whoever we think should get the medal! Suddenly the Winter Olympics are American Idol.[*](or the local equivalent)

Hey, while we're at it, let's start a petition to give Michelle Kwan an Olympic gold medal!

I joke about it, but had the capability existed in 1998, I probably would have been the first one to sign such a petition. Hell, I probably would have been the one to start it.

But I would have been wrong to do so. It would have been a stupid idea then, and it is a really stupid idea now. Which is why I only mentioned it as a joke. Please don't do it.
Tags: figure skating, grouches of the world unite, idiocy, olympics
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