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My feelings about the Olympics ending: I'm a little disappointed because I think they could have gone better, but I'm mostly relieved because I know they could have gone SOOOOOOO much worse.

In the beginning, I was worried about the safety of the athletes because of terrorist threats and antigay laws, etc. By the end, I was mostly just worried about them getting hurt playing their sports.

So many, many crashes. So many injuries. I don't know; maybe it wasn't more than in Vancouver, but it just feels that way. Do they keep track of statistics on how many people get injured during each Olympiad, does anybody know? They seem to keep statistics on everything else.

Generally speaking, I found the Vancouver Games to be so much more satisfying and less stressful to watch. However, if the measure of a successful Olympiad is not having anyone die during/as a result of the Games, Sochi was more successful than Vancouver. Sadly.

I know Putin must be happy about Russia topping the medal table; therefore, I'm NOT happy about it. But I don't begrudge the Russian athletes anything. They're not the problem.
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