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The Giver Trailer

Wow, it's um ... kinda Divergent, isn't it?--what with the daily pills being upgraded to injections. With a flavor of Hunger Games, what with the fashions and the planes that can beam people up with their tractor beams.

I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, by the way. As much as I love the book, it is kind of unsatisfying in certain respects, so it'll be kind of interesting to see how the movie picks up where the book leaves off.

The one thing I'm disappointed in with regard to the movie (or at least the trailer) is that it's all in color. [Spoiler (click to open)]In the book, Jonas isn't able to perceive color until he starts receiving memories, and then not all at once. To my eternal disappointment, I didn't pick up on that the first time I read it, and there was an opportunity to portray that visually in the movie. And I suppose there still is; I seem to remember the trailer for O Brother, Where Art Thou? having quite a lot of green that was later replaced digitally with sepia tones.

Oh, also Jonas isn't supposed to have brown eyes, but if that's not a plot point in the movie, I guess I'll allow it.
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