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And we thought ice dancing scoring was capricious

So I've been watching Dancing with the Stars this season. I haven't watched it in a while, partly because I had problems finding a functional digital TV converter, but partially because it just wasn't very interesting to me. But the hardware issue seems to have been resolved,[*](In the past, I used to keep the digital converter on top of the TV set, and I finally figured out that that might be causing it to overheat. So now I keep it on the shelf below the TV, on top of the DVD player, since those two devices never run at the same time. I also bought the same brand of converter that my sister has, since hers has lasted five years already.) and this season Meryl Davis and Charlie White are both contestants, competing against each other, and that's interesting.[*](Also heartbreaking; how can they make me choose between them?)

And if you thought ice dancing judging was capricious and inscrutable, judging on Dancing with the Stars is even worse. At least in figure skating, the judges don't make snarky comments to your face (they leave that to the press).[*](I don't know if they have Dancing with the Stars in Canada, or whether they watch our version or the British version or they have their own version, or they just don't have it at all. But if they get our version, I hope they're watching it so maybe they can get some perspective.) Last night the criticism is that Charlie White's rumba wasn't really a rumba because "there was no hip action."

Now, I don't know much about dancing, but I'm going to stick up for Charlie because there was SOME hip action. Not a lot, I grant you, but I distinctly saw his hips move in the characteristic fashion on at least one occasion. Was it a rumba? I don't know, but it is not fair to say that there was no hip action. So there.

Too bad they can't go to the replay on Dancing with the Stars. Or use slow motion to review the technical elements like they do in figure skating.

Also too bad that Tanith Belbin, who is Charlie's girlfriend (alas!), wasn't in the audience this week to give the judges the stink-eye. Last week that was the best cutaway EVER.

So I've got your back Charlie, and I'll cheerfully defend you and Meryl from all the dance judges and all the skating judges and the entire nation of Canada if I have to.[*](In fact, I've done the lattermost already; see here.) Nonetheless, I do have one teensy little request, which I ask with all due respect and fondest regards: please don't slick your hair back anymore. It makes you look a bit like a shorn Samson.

Also, Meryl Davis and Danica McKellar are living the dream! (At least according to some random Twitter user.)
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