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My gosh, Hulu, how stupid can you be?

On Hulu, Fraggle Rock is sponsored by the US Army.

Think about that for a second: Fraggle Rock, the show created with the express purpose of bringing about world peace, the show that produced anti-war anthems such as this, the show that turned the World's Oldest Fraggle into an unflattering caricature of Donald Rumsfeld[*](possibly unintentionally) in the brilliantly satirical episode "Fraggle Wars"... a show like this is sponsored by the US ARMY!?!?


I'm not sure how that happened; if it's just random computer stupidity, or if there was an actual human being somewhere who was so gormless as to think that people interested in watching Fraggle Rock would also be interested in potentially joining the Army. Or vice versa.

In any case, it's hard to imagine a more incongruous, less appropriate sponsorship pairing. It would be like if Mitt Romney were to sponsor a Sesame Street special. (Timely reference, I know.)

Since I can't post the entire "Fraggle Wars," episode, here are just the songs:

Tags: idiocy, muppets, television
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