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Stars and Stripes and Marches Forever and Ever, Oh My!

So I was watching "A Capitol Fourth," on PBS, which was great because it included the Muppets, but they closed out the show with a...not so much a medley of marches, but a collection of marches played in close succession. And I realized that, if you play a bunch of marches all in a row, pretty soon they all start sounding alike.

I mean, I've played a lot of marches so I recognized most of the songs, but apart from "Stars and Stripes Forever," I couldn't match titles to tunes at all.

And then, either I completely lost my mind or they started playing "Stars and Stripes Forever" again. At that point it was hard to tell because they'd all started blending together.

Needless to say, this is still my favorite rendition:

Go Beaker![*](and Steve!)
Tags: internet videos, muppets, music, television
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