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Kermit the Frog on visiting the Omaha zoo

So Tom Bergeron and Kermit the Frog were doing satellite interviews on various morning news shows to promote the "Capitol Fourth" special that was on last night, and one of the lucky participants was a local CBS affliate in Omaha, Nebraska. About three minutes into this video, Kermit mentions visiting the zoo in Omaha:

So my initial reaction was, "OHMYGOSH, Kermit the Frog just mentioned the name of a place that's relatively near where I live and THAT I'VE ACTUALLY VISITED!!! By its real name and everything!"

And then...the conversation took a strange and mildly disturbing (though still funny) turn.

Pulling back the curtain a little bit, how did Steve know all that? Is he doing his own research, or is someone doing research for him? Did he have notes down there, or does he just know all that stuff off the top of his head? Which would be impressive, if also mildly disturbing. Don't get me wrong: Muppet humor has always had a subversive edge, and I'd rather see him push the boundaries a little bit, even if it makes me slightly uncomfortable, than to see him hold back.
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