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Deliver us from idiocy

Visiting priest at church today, one who insisted on shouting all his prayers and homily, one who insisted on telling humorous anecdotes from his youth at the beginning of the service when we were all still standing up.

The homily itself was mostly harmless, although he was talking about the Statue of Liberty and said it was on Ellis Island. That's a common misconception, actually, and it would be forgivable except that he had just said that he had once had the opportunity to visit Ellis Island, and that being the case, he should have noticed that the Statue of Liberty was not there.[*](Granted, if someone else were handling the travel arrangements, I think it might be possible to visit Liberty Island and not realize that it's a different island than Ellis Island)

But then he started talking about the famous poem, the one about the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, etc., but he didn't know who wrote it and he didn't even quote it correctly!

Wow. You can't be bothered to do a 3-second Internet search or a 10-minute search in an actual book to get the quote right and to find out that it's written by Emma Lazarus and it's called "The New Colossus"? If you're going to cite something, cite it properly for crying out loud. There is no excuse for that sort of laziness.

And there's no need to shout when you're wearing a functioning microphone, thank you very much.
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