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I made an attempt at live-blogging[*](Well, live-to-tape would be a better analogy, as I was typing it out first and then I was going to copy, paste, and post the whole thing) the Emmy Awards, but then I realized that not even I cared about what I was saying. Suffice it to say that, by and large, I was very satisfied with the results.

Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch, congratulations to Martin Freeman, congratulations to Steven Moffat, and congratulations to Sherlock. Well-deserved, all around. Now go make more. Please.

Congratulations to Ty Burrell,[*](I have to admit that I was rooting for Jesse Tyler Ferguson this year, because he hasn't won one yet and I feel that it's his turn. Nevertheless, I can't be disappointed in Ty Burrell being recognized again, because he absolutely deserves it. That man can do NO WRONG.) congratulations to Gail Mancuso, and congratulations to Modern Family. Thank you, Steve Levitan for all your inspired acceptance speeches, and maybe someday you'll get to finish one without the music playing you off. I hope they never wake you guys up.

I only watched one episode of Fargo, but I would like to say to all involved that I very much appreciated the subtle dialect work, as opposed to the movie in which it was exaggerated almost--I say "almost"--to the point of caricature. Although I only watched one episode, I read recaps of the entire series, and I would also like to say that I appreciated the shoutouts to Sioux Falls, even though they were random and vaguely ominous. Nevertheless, we South Dakotans love to get a media mention, if only as confirmation that the rest of the world is aware of our existence.

As for the broadcast itself, all the controlled anarchy and scripted zaniness (including scripted improvisation, which I didn't even know was possible) was a little arch for my taste. However, there were two standout moments: Weird Al's medley of TV theme songs, which was hilarious, and the In Memoriam section, culminating in a very heartfelt and appropriately funny tribute to Robin Williams, and I have to stop talking about it now because thinking about it is making me cry.

Here are some speeches from last night that may or may not be viewable outside the US (let me know, please):

Steven Moffat for Sherlock:

Steve Levitan for Modern Family:

Ty Burrell for Modern Family:

I particularly want to draw attention to Ty Burrell's speech, because it is so brilliant that I didn't even fully comprehend how brilliant it is until I watched it again this morning and realized that it was a gently satirical chastisement to the Academy for not recognizing the efforts of the young actors on the show. Basically he's saying, in a funny, oblique way, "They deserve this a lot more than I do."[*](Personally, I believe everyone in the cast is equally deserving.) I've said before that the secret to his success is that he is fearless in his self-deprecation, and this is a prime example.[*](More on that later, if I have time.)
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