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Critics given to criticism

Okay, was last night's premiere a relatively weak episode of Modern Family? Sadly, yes. Did it finish stronger than it started? Definitely, yes. Did it still make me laugh out loud at least once? Yes, just like every other episode I've ever seen (which is all of them). Was the very fact that it was a lackluster episode oddly appropriate to the overall theme in a weird, meta way? Ironically, yes.

Was it still better than the best episode of the The Middle? UNDOUBTEDLY YES.

1. How many Emmys has The Middle been nominated for? [Answer]Answer: One
2. How many Emmys has The Middle actually won? [Answer]Answer: Zero

So stop trying to convince me that The Middle is as good a show as Modern Family, because that is simply not true.

[###]I'm well aware that I'm being hypocritical in comparing the two, because I have said in the past--and it is still true--that in general it annoys me when people can't just say that they like something or that something is good without saying that something else is bad. But sometimes it's just necessary, and today is one of those times for me.
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