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Does your shoulder hurt? Because you're showing a positive jerk test.

(I've been waiting to use that joke forever!)

I've had several failed attempts to stop watching Once Upon a Time in the past, but so help me, if they don't stop turning it into "The Captain Hook Show," in which everybody thinks he's awesome and no one (except me) remembers all the rotten things he's done in the past, then I am going to quit watching, and this time I mean it.

But Mary, aren't you being unreasonable? They rehabilitated Regina too, and you don't have a problem with that. Isn't that a bit of a double standard?

Not at all. That's an entirely different thing, because there was a slow, progressive arc of character development, and an evolution of trust between her and the other characters. For example, she had to apologize to Belle and actually sound like she MEANT it. Not only was care taken to make her rehabilitation believable, but her past sins have NOT been completely forgotten and sometimes figure into the story or at very least the conversation.

With Hookiepoo, it was completely different. All of a sudden he decided at the beginning of some episode that he was going to be good and everybody was just suddenly okay with this. Of course, he's very handsome, so obviously that automatically means he's trustworthy because beauty equals goodness, as everyone knows.

Think about it: Henry birth father conveniently died so that Hook could be with Emma. Rumpel[*](I prefer the traditional spelling, thank you very much) took Hook's heart and forced him to be his evil pawn so that we, the audience, would feel sorry for Hook. And now, the final indignity, we are now apparently supposed to believe that Belle and Hook are buddies even though he never apologized for his multiple sins against her, except once in a very sarcastic and unconvincing tone.

But Mary, this is the same sweet-natured and forgiving Belle who invited her father to her wedding after he tried to send her over the town line and make her lose her memories.

I concede the point. Nevertheless, I suggest that there's a difference between forgiving a father who's basically loving and only ever did one thing to harm you out of desperation and a misguided but genuine concern for your well-being, and forgiving a pirate who has tried to harm you on numerous occasions out of pure malice, with no remorse whatsoever. Furthermore, I suggest there is a difference between forgiving said pirate, which is the noble thing to do, and hanging out with him unsupervised in the library, which is just plain stupid.

But you needn't take my word for it. Let's relive some of Hook's more memorable moments of violence and/or misogyny,[*]("Misogyny" is not a word that I am inclined to use lightly, so if I'm calling someone a misogynist, you know I mean business) shall we? Let's categorize them by victim:

At first it looks like he's trying to be nice by allowing her to escape...

..but no, turns out he's ripped out her heart while she was unconscious and sent her back as an unsuspecting Mata Hari


(Belle and Archie):

To add insult to injury, this happened just after she saved his life:

That's gratitude for you.

The least sincere apology ever:

EMMA (yes, Emma):

"Just as I'm done with you." Oh yeah? Can we get that in WRITING?

Okay, someone needs a frigid sponge bath from a male nurse. Stat.

Okay, to be fair, he gets the worst of it in this one, but look at it from Amnesiac!Emma's point of view.

I rest my case.

Note to Colin O'Donoghue: Please don't be offended by how much I hate the character you play. You seem like a nice guy in reality, and if anything, my irredeemable hatred for your character is a testament to your acting ability; you're just too convincing at playing evil.
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