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"South Dakota Public Broadcasting will present President Barack Obama's commencement address to the Lake Area Technical Institute graduates at the Watertown Civic Arena."

Okay...this is a coup for the smaller communities/universities in the state. It's always good to be reminded that South Dakota has towns other than Sioux Falls and Rapid City, and that there are other schools besides USD and SDSU, for all they would like to believe that they're the best and only universities in the state.

But still, I have to wonder how, and why.

To be completely honest, I didn't know until now that Watertown even HAD a civic arena.

UPDATE: The wording of the above e-mail was just vague enough that I thought they would be broadcasting just the speech, not the whole graduation ceremony. *sigh* In hindsight, that seems laughably naive. Because how would they know exactly when the speech would start? From that perspective, it makes a lot more sense to just start broadcasting from the beginning of the ceremony, however tedious it may also be.

I question the wisdom of whoever decided on the pre-ceremony music.

By the way, isn't it a little weird to have a graduation ceremony on a Friday? Maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems odd and casual to me.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, I watched the speech, and it was good, and he did explain why and how he was speaking at a community college graduation in Watertown, South Dakota on a Friday afternoon.

It was weird, though, because they started broadcasting at 4:00, but the actual ceremony itself didn't start until 5:15, and then the president's speech didn't start until about 20 minutes after that. I think they broadcast the whole graduation ceremony, even after the speech finished and the president left. I didn't watch the whole thing, because there is nothing more boring to watch than a graduation ceremony when you don't know any of the graduates.
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