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In which I ruin a sweet, innocent, heartfelt gesture.

"I thought I would get a letter saying, 'Thanks for writing, please don't write again,'" Rebecca told CNN.

No no, honey; that's what you get when you write to Kristi Noem.

Or call her, apparently, which is really disturbing that my name and e-mail are apparently in a database somewhere in Noem HQ.

There's got to be a cool, supervillain-lair name we can make of that. The Gymnoemsium? I'll have to think about it.

One might think it's melodramatic of me to equate Noem with a supervillain, but I'd say a congressional representative who refuses to represent her own state in Congress[*](opting instead to put her party and its propaganda arm first) is pretty darn dastardly.

Anyway. Good for you, Rebecca. We need all the good PR we can get.[*](I mean, really? The nicest thing we can think to say about ourselves is that we're slightly less desolate than Mars? They must have hired an out-of-state firm to come up with that one. Maybe they should hire Rebecca to do their PR. "The Warmest of the Dakotas" is a much better slogan. Even if it is grammatically incorrect, unless there are other Dakotas that I don't know about.)
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