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Things Kristi Noem doesn't want you to see

Kristi Noem is swiftly becoming my personal nemesis.

I've tried to be polite and respectful when entreating her to change her mind with regards to funding for public broadcasting. I've tried using reason, pointing out that eliminating 0.01% of the budget isn't going to reduce the deficit or lighten anyone's tax burden. I've tried appealing to her emotions. I've tried appealing to her ethos by arguing that, as South Dakota's lone voice in the House of Representatives, she has no business fighting against the channels with the highest quantity and quality of state-specific programming.

But nothing works. All I get back from her are annoying form letters.

It's worth pointing out that currently all three of our congressional representatives are self-described conservative Republicans, and Kristi Noem is the only one of the three who refuses to support public broadcasting and outright opposes it.

Well, I'm through trying to play fair. The time has come to fight fire with fire.

Hence my new series: Things Kristi Noem Doesn't Want You to See. I'm going to show South Dakotans what they might be missing on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. I'm going to speculate about why Kristi Noem doesn't want you to see it. And I'm going to do it in the rhetorical style of Fox News, because apparently that's the level of discourse that Noem and her followers understand, and also it will give them an idea of what it's like for the rest of us to try to have a discussion with them.

Stay tuned for more.
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