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Mary Arline

Things Kristi Noem Doesn't Want You to See: High School activities

If you want to watch the state Class AA high school football championships, you might be able to see that on one of your local commercial stations. But if you want to see any other high school activities on TV, South Dakota Public Broadcasting is your only option.

Back in March they had the entire basketball tournaments, all three classes, boys and girls. Last weekend they had the state tennis tournament, and this weekend they have the state track and field championships.

But it's not just sports. They also show the annual All-State music concerts (i.e., All-State Chorus & Orchestra, All-State Band, and All-State Jazz Band, which was just on last weekend), as well as the state One-Act competition. In fact, they devote a whole webpage to high school activities.

Now, I imagine that Kristi Noem and her supporters would say that if you want to watch those events and activities, you should just go watch them in person. However, this doesn't take into account the fact that our state is very large in area, and it takes a long time to travel across it. Maybe family members can't get the time off from work to travel for these events, or maybe they can't afford the gas, accommodations, etc. It also doesn't take into consideration the fact that our state has extreme and often unpredictable weather. A freak snowstorm on one side of the state on a Friday may prevent family members from attending an event on the other side of the state on a Saturday or Sunday.

And then there's the fact that some people just can't travel at all. For example, when I was a senior in high school, I made it into All-State Band. At the time, my grandmother was in a nursing home, dying by inches from complications of diabetes. There was no way she could have possibly traveled to Mitchell for the concert.

SDPB allows friends and family members to watch these events even if they can't travel to see them in person.

I'm frequently flippant about why Kristi Noem doesn't want you to see such-and-such, but this one genuinely confuses me. She's a mother of three children. I estimate that they're probably getting close to high school age, if they're not there already. I don't know--I honestly don't know, and I don't know of a noncreepy way of finding out--if they're with her in Washington or if they're still here in South Dakota. But I suspect that, even if long-range accessibility to high school activities isn't important to her NOW, it very well might be in a few years. I just hope by then it's not too late.
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