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Things Kristi Noem Doesn't Want You to See: Dakota Life

Per the SDPB website, "Dakota Life features interesting South Dakota people, places, and things." Each half hour might have a unifying theme, but the purpose of the show is to showcase the remarkable things about our state.

Now, why would Kristi Noem object to that?

A recent episode, the preview of which can be found here, featured a sanctuary for bald eagles. What does Kristi Noem have against our national symbol?

It had a cautionary tale about the efforts to prevent the spread of Asian carp, an invasive species that poses a danger to boaters. Why would Kristi Noem want to hamper efforts to control these aquatic pests? If I were a real conspiracy theorist, I could really have a field day with this one.

Finally--SDSU and USD students take note--there was a piece about beer-brewing in South Dakota. Apparently Kristi Noem wants to keep you from getting beer, or at least information about it.

All satirical jabs aside, Dakota Life is a fascinating program. I've lived here all my life, and yet there's still so much for me to learn about our state.
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