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I like the way they just assume that all South Dakotans snack on sunflower seeds. It is prevalent, but not universal.

Don't get me wrong; sunflower seeds are one of the tastiest snacks you can find. But they're also decidedly inconvenient.

You see, sunflower seeds taste the best when they're roasted and salted in the shell. This is problematic in that sunflower seeds are difficult to remove from their shells; the easiest way is to put them in your mouth and crack them open with your teeth. This leaves you with the problem of disposing of the inedible shell. You can probably imagine that this gets messy.

They can also be roasted and salted after being shelled, and you can buy them that way, but then they end up too salty for my taste.

What I don't understand is why they don't roast them and salt them in the shell, then remove the shell, package and sell them that way. I suppose it would be too inefficient to be profitable. And maybe the difficulty in getting to the sunflower seed is part of the appeal.
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