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They're going to be sorry.

Mark my words, they are going to rue this day. I just wonder how many kids are going to be caught in the crossfire before they realize what a horrible, horrible mistake they've made.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I know EXACTLY how this is going to play out. Sooner or later, some stupid kid is going to say the wrong thing, make a tacky joke or a spurious boast, get into a playfight that turns a little too real, or even make the wrong kind of gesture in front of one of those "sentinels," and the "sentinel" is going to panic and shoot the kid. And then the kid's parents are going to get upset and sue the school and only then, after tragedy has struck, will these idiots rethink their stupid, stupid program. And if they do end up changing it back, it won't be out of regard for human life, it'll be because the insurance policy doesn't want to risk the liability anymore, or wants to raise the premiums and the school won't be able to afford that.

I'll tell you what, I laughed out loud when one of those idiotic parents called the presence of guns on campus an "insurance policy." It reminded me of when I was obtaining my home and auto insurance policies and my insurance agent mentioned that a lot of people get extra insurance on their guns because they're always getting stolen out of their cars.

Sleep well, everybody. I know I sure won't.
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