Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

How I Think the World Should Be

I intend this journal to be my personal forum for voicing my own radical political views. These are my views and only mine; they are beautiful and they are mine. Anyone is welcome to disagree with me; anyone is welcome to leave any comments they wish, but be aware that I will not read them. This is not to say that you shouldn't have your own viewpoint. You should. There is nothing I value more than free expression, and I hope you feel free to exercise that right to your heart's content. But I don't want to argue with anyone, and if I get replies that disagree with me I will want to argue with them and that will distract me from my purpose.

A couple more caveats before I get into the heart of the matter: I am not any sort of political or social expert. I'm just an American with a quirky view of the world, and I'm not saying I'm right. It's quite possible I'm wrong, but I'm going to say what I think anyway. Finally, some of you may not believe this after you read some of the things I plan to write, but I am passionately patriotic. It's just that my way of expressing my patriotism is different than most people's. I celebrate America by trying to point out its flaws so that we can correct them. I recognize that America is not perfect and acknowledge the mistakes we have made in an attempt to avoid making them again...over and over. I choose not to display the flag, but I also choose not to burn it. I celebrate the freedom to go against the mainstream idea of what patriotism should be.

I celebrate your freedom to read the words I have written here and not agree with them. But responsibilities I bear because of my rights compells me to keep writing them.
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