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Parade of Homes in my backyard

As the house on the lot behind mine[*](or one of the lots, because it turns out there are actually two) has been nearing completion, I've been hoping that it would have an open house or something so I would get the chance to see inside it before it's sold and people move in. Well, turns out I get my wish, because it just so happens that the house is complete enough to be featured in this fall's Parade of Homes.

The Parade of Homes happens twice a year, and it's a chance for the local builders to show off the new-construction housing that they have available for sale. And in this case, it must have been a close shave getting it ready in time, because they only just built the back patio on Friday. [*](I heard one of the other "paradegoers" squeal about, "Oh, a covered patio! How nice!" and I was tempted to mention something about it not existing three days ago--but I didn't).

I was going to walk around the block to get there, but then I thought, "That's silly; I'll just cut across the backyards." So I did.[*](I hesitated to cut across the backyards because we got a tremendous amount of rain on Thursday, and the other house's backyard basically turned into a lake, and I was afraid it would still be muddy. But it wasn't. The ground was still a little soft by the front door, but other than that it was perfectly dry.)

Inside, it's a perfectly nice-looking, perfectly ordinary three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.[*](The basement isn't finished yet, but oftentimes the builders leave that for the new owners to do with as they like.) Nevertheless, it's still amazing to me that there's now a complete and livable house where last year there was nothing but grass and weeds, that in the space of less than six months there can be a house where previously no house stood.

It was also illuminating to look at my house from the back windows and see exactly what my eventual neighbors will see. Very educational.
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