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If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?

About four weeks ago--i.e., before the election--I watched a program on PBS called "Hamilton's America," which was a documentary about the musical but also about the man whose life inspired it, Alexander Hamilton. To fill in that side of the story, they interviewed not only historians but also current political figures. Here is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on the subject of The Federalist Papers:

"I've read the Federalist Papers many times over. As an elected official, as a person who takes office by swearing oath to the Constitution, I pretty much want to know what that means, right? And so it's important not only to understand what the Constitution is but to understand what the principles are behind it."
Good one, Paul Ryan! You almost had me going there. You, with your big, blue eyes and boyish good looks and soothing Midwestern cadences, talking about principles as though you had any, talking about the Constitution as though it was something you actually cared about; you almost got me to believe that you were a thoughtful, knowledgable, reasonable lawmaker with the country's best interests at heart. Well played, sir. Well played!

Recently, when the president-elect announced he was appointing a known bigot and demagogue to his cabinet, you were asked if you had any concerns about the appointment. And you said no.

You know what you are, Paul Ryan? You, sir, are Cornelius Fudge. You may not recognize the reference. I would say that you are Neville Chamberlain, but I think that might be unfair to Neville Chamberlain.

To put the matter more clearly, though less originally: You are blinded by the love of the office you hold. You put too much importance on loyalty to your party, rather than loyalty to your country. I tell you now--take a stand now against Trump and Bannon, and you will be remembered, in office or out, as one of the bravest and greatest Speakers of the House we have ever known. Fail to act--and history will remember you as the man who stepped aside and allowed a loudmouth bigot and his fascist cronies a chance to destroy the country we have worked nearly two and a half centuries to build.

History has its eyes on you.
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