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I'll admit that I came late to Hamilton, and I regret the time that it took me to get with it, but I am so grateful to Lin-Manuel Miranda for creating this show; not only for providing a beacon of hope in these dark times, but for providing the perfect rhetorical tools to deal with the current political situation.

So, I was interested to see that the big news story over the weekend was that VP-to-be Mike Pence went to see the show and caused something of a stir. He endured some boos from the audience when he entered the theater and, by his own report, said to the family members who were with him, "That's what freedom sounds like."

No reports of him adding, "...and we are going to snuff it out at all costs." So...I guess that's something.

The cast knew he was in the audience and--fittingly enough--decided not to throw away their shot; following curtain call, they addressed Pence directly from the stage, expressing concern about the direction the incoming administration may be taking the country. Go look it up; it's magnificent. Better yet, watch it here. That's what patriotism sounds like.

Trumpzilla apparently wasn't very happy about it, but Pence doesn't seem to mind. Moreover, he's raving about the show itself and telling everyone who asks him about it to go see it. This while certain other Republicans/killjoys are up in figurative arms encouraging a boycott, which is hilarious.[*](It's sold out through August 2017. That's not a boycott; that's sour grapes.)

But the best part of this story for me is the reaction from the other audience members. I can't find video of it now, but there was one lady who was all offended and saying something to the effect of, "I just came to see Hamilton; I don't want to hear about politics!" I'm sorry, lady, but what exactly did you think Hamilton is about? That's like saying, "I just wanted to see Les Miserables, I don't want to hear about poor people!" Or like saying, "I just wanted to see Cats; I don't want to see people in furry costumes crawling all over everything and singing incomprehensibly pretentious lyrics!"

It's nice to have a bright spot in these dark and difficult times, but don't get distracted from the more important stories:
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