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Hey! Trevor Noah! Listen to this:

Hey! Trevor Noah! Are you paying attention? He's talking to you, too.

And don't try to dodge it by saying you're not a "real" news show. Seth didn't specifically say "news media"; he just said "media," and you're a part of that.

So please--PLEASE!--in the name of all that is decent, stop interviewing hatemongers like Tomi Whatever-her-last-name-is on The Daily Show.

Look: it's one thing to interview someone who has a disagreeable but valid viewpoint. It's another thing to interview someone who does nothing but spew offensive epithets in every direction in the name of the First Amendment. In the former instance, you're adding to the discourse. In the latter instance, you're just providing a forum to a crazy person and lending legitimacy to her hateful rhetoric.

You said at one point that you admire What's-Her-Name because "she's so good at what she does!" I'm sorry, but how can someone be "good" at hate speech? Isn't that kind of like being "good" at kicking puppies? Isn't that kind of like being "good" at stuffing bodies into a wood chipper? Isn't that kind of like being "good" at operating the gas chamber at a concentration camp?

Is there a right way to do a morally reprehensible thing?

I have a lot more to say about why it was a mistake for you to interview that right-wing, bleach-blonde bitch on your show, but between my day job and the fact that my entire family is gathering at my house next week to celebrate Christmas a week early, I don't have time right now. But don't you forget: the fact that you now sit in Jon Stewart's chair does NOT mean you've inherited his throne. When you sit in that chair and you host The Daily Show, you're expected to uphold certain standards. You interview liberals, you interview conservatives, you interview centrists; you don't interview the crazies, no matter where they are oriented on the spectrum. You treat your guests with respect, you have civilized discourse, and when they go low, you go high; but you don't interview the crazies. You mock the crazies, you satirize the crazies, you refute the crazies. You do not interview them, you do not give them a forum, and you DO NOT legitimize their insane views.

Look, Trevor: I like you. You have the herculean task of trying to replace Jon Stewart, the most beloved political commentator of this or any other century, and you've done a fairly good job under nearly impossible circumstances. Sometimes your coverage is even more in-depth and more useful to me than Seth Meyers'.

But don't push your luck. Like a baseball umpire, I'm watching you with a critical eye. The domestic-violence joke on Twitter was strike one, interviewing Terrible Tomi was strike two. One more, and you're out.
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