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Alexander Hamilton is stalking me

Okay, after buying Hamilton-related merchandise on Amazon, I wasn't surprised to get Hamilton-related recommendations. That made sense. I don't like it, particularly, but it makes sense.

But then, this morning I was looking at the library website to see if they had any DVDs of the anthology of Shakespeare's history plays called The Hollow Crown. So I typed "hollow crown" into the library's catalog search and got only one result: Duel with the devil : the true story of how Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr teamed up to take on America's first sensational murder mystery.

What? For once, I wasn't even looking for anything Hamilton related! Hammie, old chap, you're dogging me non-stop! Take a break!

Seriously, though, what are the odds?

At first, I was puzzled because--as far as I know--the library website doesn't keep track of things like browsing history to recommend things based on your interests, the way commercial websites do. I did, eventually, figure out why it hit with my search criteria: the publisher is Crown Publishing, and the word "hollow" appears in the name of one of the chapters.

It looks like a good book, though, and I put in a hold request for it. Even though I wasn't actually looking for it, I'm glad that I found it.
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