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Noemesis 5:30 p.m., there was "breaking news" about Trumpazoid considering Kristi Noem to head the Department of Agriculture. By 10:30 it had been downgraded to "rumor"; she pretty much dismissed it out of hand. I mean, it may or may not be true that Trumpster is/was considering her, but apparently she won't even entertain the notion. And I can't blame her; I wouldn't take a job that brought me into close proximity with him either. At least she shot down the false hopes I was starting to have; I guess I can't say that Kristi Noem never did anything for me.

But the good news is that Noem is still planning to run for governor in 2018. Why is that good news? Of course, I have no wish to see her as governor, but I figure she could do a lot less damage as governor of the state of South Dakota than she could/does in the House of Representatives, so anything that gets her out of the House is okay by me. Moreover, I think the country in general, and South Dakota in particular, may be a little less enamoured with the Republican party by 2018; i.e., just because she runs doesn't mean she will win.

But why is she running for governor? Money and prestige. We recently passed a campaign finance reform bill here in South Dakota, which means that if Noem doesn't act quickly before the bill goes into effect, she'll only be able to transfer $4000 from her war chest to her gubernatorial campaign. All that NRA money wasted! And all those children would have died for nothing! As for the prestige, well, South Dakota has never had a female governor, so she would be the first: blah blah blah breakthrough, blah blah blah glass ceiling, obligatory feminist gushing, et cetera, et cetera.

Right now, I'm more interested in (a) who might be running against her for governor, and (b) who might be running for her House seat. I really hope Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether tries to fill one of those spots. He's a wonderful mayor and I would wholeheartedly support him for either--or both, if such a thing were possible. Basically, I'd like him to run the race that he has the best chance of winning...but I don't know which race that would be.

You see--and I realize this might not be an illuminating analogy for everyone--I have a theory that Sioux Falls is to South Dakota approximately what Austin is to Texas: an oasis of relative liberalism and free-thinking in a desert of knee-jerk conservatism.[*](Which is not to say that free-thinking is always a positive quality--not when it's expressed in the form of annoying billboards, for example.) Therefore, we sometimes get some mistrust and sidelong glances from the rest of the state. So being a Democratic former mayor of Sioux Falls may be a disadvantage to Huether rather than an advantage. That said, I've always found him to be rather moderate and, like I say, by the time 2018 rolls around, we may have quite a few disillusioned Republicans in existential crises, looking for answers elsewhere.

I just really hope he runs for something, because I want to do something to help. Right now there's so little that I can do: I mean, I have my blog, and I can write editorials and submit them to various publications, but I can't do anything directly to stop Trump; I can't do anything about the Cabinet or the Supreme Court; I can write letters to my representatives in Congress, but I have no confidence that they'll even be read, let alone change anyone's mind. If Mike Huether runs for another office--be it governor or House--then I can volunteer and take an active role, and even if it comes to nought, at least I could have the satisfaction of doing SOMETHING.

Now, I certainly could--and probably will--volunteer to help in any 2018 campaign, but it would just be nice to volunteer to help someone whom I really believe in, rather than just, "oh, you're not Kristi Noem/not Republican; you'll do."
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