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I've been using this extended metaphor of Donald Trump as a cancer on our democracy, and while I don't doubt the aptness of comparing him with a disease, there is one question that keeps nagging at me: what if Trump himself isn't the cancer?

What if the cancer is really Mike Pence and the rest of the old-school Republican vanguard, and Trump is actually a separate condition, i.e., an acute secondary infection, an opportunistic micro-organism taking advantage of a weakened immune system?

In a clinical situation like that, the physician would pause treatment of the cancer and treat the infection first because (a) the infection could complicate the cancer treatment, and (b) the infection could likely kill the patient a lot more quickly than the cancer could.[*](This is merely an educated guess at how such a case would be handled. I am not a doctor, and every case is different.)

If that metaphor holds true, then Keith Olbermann is exactly right in saying that the thing to do in the current situation is to use the provisions set forth in the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to depose Trump immediately and install Mike Pence as president instead.

It's a hard argument to refute: if we all wind up dead as a result of actions taken by Trump as president, it won't really matter whether or not we have health insurance, nor will we be concerned about our civil liberties--or lack thereof.

However, that solution is still maddeningly unsatisfying: how many times since 2001 have we been asked to cede our civil liberties in the name of safety? We know that Mike Pence has nothing but contempt for the rights of gay people; are we to ask the gay community, who have only so recently been afforded the full rights and privileges that they can reasonably expect as citizens of a free country, to cede those rights and scapegoat themselves in the interest of saving all of our skins? That were despicable fickleness--not only that, but unspeakable cruelty.

Recently, I've been rereading A House Like a Lotus by Madeleine L'Engle, and I ran across this in a line of dialogue: "We do make things happen by what we think, so think positively." That's such an Idealist notion, making things happen by what we think, and it's one that scares me because I don't want that responsibility, for fear of screwing things up for everybody by thinking things that I don't really mean in moments of anger or bitterness. But in the event that it may be true, I'm going to focus my thoughts and think as hard as I can about both Trump and Pence being removed from office as soon as possible via peaceable, legal, constitutional, nonviolent means. Whether it means getting rid of each of them separately or both of them at the same time, I am going to focus my thoughts as hard as I can on removal according to the measures set forth in the Constitution for that purpose. And when I hear people talking about the next four years,[*](or mention the dreaded and unthinkable "eight years") I won't even entertain the notion. "Two years, tops; then impeachment" I 'll say. That will be my mantra from now on.
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