Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

You know...let me just play devil's advocate for a minute--literally.[*](Just kidding. I don't actually think Donald Trump is the devil. I think the devil is probably a whole lot smarter than he is. But I do think that Trump is the devil's pawn.)

Given the fact that James Comey provided the final straw that tipped the election in Trump's favor and essentially handed him the presidency, I can understand why Trump would deduce from that that Comey was on his side. I can understand why he would think that Comey would be receptive to a demand for loyalty from him. It makes sense when you look at it from Trump's point of view, because that's the way things work in Trump's world.

I didn't watch all of the testimony today, just a bit at the end, but I sure as hell hope that at least one of those senators asked Comey where the hell his loyalties actually lie. I can see that it's in Comey's interest, as a former spy, to play his loyalties and motivations close to the vest, but the way he kept moving the goalposts around with regard to when to discuss or not discuss an ongoing investigation was positively infuriating.

It's interesting to see how Comey gets colored in the press as this whole drama unfolds. Immediately after the election, he was the fascist stooge and traitor to democracy. Then, once he got fired, suddenly he's the patriotic martyr and savior of democracy. As for me, I will never forget Comey's past sins, but if his testimony serves to bring Trump down, I might be able to forgive them. It would be an ironic yet fitting turn of events if the man who elevated Trump to the presidency is ultimately the same man to depose him.

You know what? I think that I just figured out to whom or what Comey is actually loyal: the FBI. I just realized that every time he's been asked to account for why he did or didn't comment on an investigation, his answer always has something to do with how it would reflect on the Bureau.

So that's something, I guess. He is loyal to something. I just wish I had confidence that he is also loyal to our country.

Also, I think Stephen Colbert's assessment of Snape is wrong; I don't think Snape ever loved Harry. I think he loved Harry's mother; I think he loved Harry's eyes because they looked like his mother's, but I don't think he loved Harry because he bullied and tortured Harry, and you don't bully and torture people you love, because if you love someone, their pain becomes your pain, and you can't bear to see them suffer. Snape is a bully, and bullies do not deserve my forgiveness or my love, and Snape will never have either.
Tags: harry potter, internet videos, world turned upside down
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