Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Random thoughts

I found another great editorial, one that comments on Bush's single-mindedness and bloodlust. It made me want to scream, "Yes! It's not just me! I am vindicated!"

Incidentally, Tom Daschle is my senator, and I support him 100% and will vote for him for any office he seeks...ever. If you're reading this, Senator Daschle, thank you for your service to the American people. We need to know that it's not just okay to criticize the president, it's necessary.

The latest word is that Turkey is now sending troops into Iraq...something the US didn't want. mean you don't have control after all, President Bush? People don't just line up and do what you want them to? People have their own minds and free will? Huh. Fancy that.

I don't know WHY the US didn't want Turkey to send in troops, and I don't know what the reprecussions will be. It may make a bad situation worse, but for now it makes me laugh triumphantly in iambic pentameter: ha HA, ha HA, ha HA, ha HA, ha HA!

I'm so glad I'm an English major, because I understand rhetoric so much better than I did in high school, and now I not only know that Bush and his toadying minions are trying to manipulate me, but I understand HOW they are trying to manipulate me. It's great. Even though I absolutely oppose this war, I do like watching and listening to the war rhetoric.

Here's another example of the "liberal-biased media" at work: Today I was watching Fox News and on the ticker it talked about how hackers were breaking into US and UK official government sites and changing them around. It described the hackers as "both protesting and patriotic," implying that anyone who opposes this war is unpatriotic. Boy, I'm sure glad the media is LIBERAL biased, because just imagine what it would have said if it was CONSERVATIVE biased!

Okay, having unleashed all my venom for the day, I need to make a confession: even though I advocated not spending money on luxuries until the war was over, I did go out and buy a new bike. Let me explain why. First, I had considered it long ago before the threat of war was that serious. Second, I wanted to buy a second-hand one from the Salvation Army, but when I went there it had been purchased already. Third, I just have been under so much stress and in such mental distress about this whole war thing that I felt I needed to do something active as a safety valve or I would explode. I went to play racquetball yesterday, but there was a basketball tournament going on. And I decided that my physical and mental health shouldn't depend solely on the athletic center's schedule. I did buy the cheapest bike I could find, and I don't intend to make any more big purchases soon. I just want it out in the open so you have all the facts before you accuse me of being inconsistent.

I must say, I'm having second thoughts about the sabotaging the economy thing. It may not help the anti-war effort after all. Bush may just borrow money from other countries and bury us in debt. Also, I need money. To get money, I need a job. To get a job the economy needs to be good. So in attempting to sabotage the economy, I may be cutting of my nose to spite my face. On the other hand, what's worse, suffering financially for a while or letting my president destroy the world? Tough call.

I think I'll go buy a flag and fly it upside-down.
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