Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Re-reading that fantastic editorial...

I came across this quote, which fills me both with rage and joy. Referring to people upset over Sen. Daschle's brave and wonderfully patriotic, Bush-critical comments:

"Congress has a role and that is to shut the hell up,” says Bob Boorstin, director of World View Initiative, which studies American attitudes toward U.S. foreign policy. “Anyone who tries to say anything that’s critical will be drawn and quartered.”

"Anyone who tries to say anything that's critical will be drawn and quartered." I sure as hell hope he means figuratively, because if not we may as well pack our bags and move to Iraq now, or bow down before Bush and dub him "Big Brother." This is America, damn it, we have the right to say critical things of the government and our leaders without fearing violence.

But Boorstin probably meant that anyone opposing Bush would be politically drawn and quartered. He seems to be implying that Daschle may have damaged his career. I certainly hope not, but then again, he does keep getting elected from a primarily Republican state.

"Congress has a role, and that is to shut the hell up." It's been a long time since I took government class, but isn't the role of Congress to represent the voice of their respective constituencies? Because we have too many people to all crowd onto Capitol Hill and all make our views known, so we elect representatives to speak for us? Granted, Daschle may not have been voicing the views of the majority of South Dakotans, because so many are dyed-in-the-wool Republicans, brainwashed Bush groupies. But hey, he expressed my opinion, and I'm one of his constituents. Besides, I'm just so proud of him and admiring of him for having the courage to stand up and say that Bush is not doing the job we (sort of) elected him to do, even though he probably knew that it might be damaging to his career.

There have been some damn disturbing developments in the past 18 months or so. After 9-11-01, people were hesitant to say anything critical of Bush for fear of being viewed as unpatriotic and coming under mob justice. Then Bush decided to go to war, and people who opposed it were accused of being unpatriotic. Then a man was arrested in Albany, New York for wearing a pro-peace t-shirt. Then Sen. Daschle exercises his constitutional and God-given right to criticize the president and he is threatened, albeit metaphorically, with violence. Then people go out into the streets saying "We gave peace a chance and we got 9/11."

Because of my views on gun control, I've been accused of trying to forfeit my rights, but the way I see it, I'm nothing--NOTHING--compared to these Bush groupies. They seem to have bowed down and laid down all their rights at the foot of Big Brother Bush. This is not the America that I know and love. That America seems to be dead, or at least sorely wounded. A new day is dawning and a Brave New America is at hand, one in which opinions are fine as long as they don't upset the ruling power. This has nothing to do with the America that thousands of Americans, including the victims of 9-11-01, died trying to defend. All their deaths--ALL their deaths--have been in vain.

Well, I refuse to lay down and take it. If I go down, I'm going down fighting. I'm going to stand up for my rights no matter what happens, and follow the example of Senator Daschle.

Again, Senator Daschle, if you're reading this, please don't back down, and don't lose heart. You and those like you, not Big Brother Bush and his toadying minions, will be the heroes of this war.
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