Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Dear Mr. Bush...

I am an English education major currently in the midst of my student teaching. One of my top priorities is to teach my students a sense of personal responsibility, and I would like to say that you, Mr. Bush, are an absolutely atrocious example.

First, you foist ridiculous laws on us in the name of educational reform. I hate to break this to you, Mr. Bush, but many of our children will be left behind, and are being left behind now, all on account of your ill-conceived and misnamed law. Because of this law, many children who were already being left behind have little or no chance to ever catch up.

Second, you do not listen when those of us appointed to teach our children, those of us directly responsible for seeing that they are not left behind, tell you that the law is making unreasonable demands and putting undue pressure on both students and educators. In your arrogance you assume that your law is perfect and that the fault lies with those of us appointed to teach these children who should not be left behind. Perhaps you think we are unable to adapt to these stringent requirements. I admit that it is difficult to adapt to the task of making bricks without straw.

Third, you do not pay any attention when we ask for resources and funds to improve on this law, to correct this egregious error in your judgment, before it is to late to rescue the children your law is leaving behind. Your priority is cleaning up the mess you made in Iraq, completely ignoring the mess your educational law is making here at home. How many children's lives, both American and Iraqi, will be destroyed before you see the error of your ways? You are irresponsible, Mr. Bush; you are breathtakingly ignorant, you are shamelessly hypocritical, you are a horrible role model for our children, and you are, in my opinion, among the most disgusting human beings ever to crawl up from the slime of the earth.

It is obvious that you learned everything you know about ruling this country (and it is obvious that you seek to rule, not lead) from your father, and like your father, your legacy will be one of a broken promise. Your father's broken promise was "Read my lips--no new taxes." You will be known for breaking your promise that no child will be left behind.
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