Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Oppose War with Iraq

I wholeheartedly oppose war with Iraq, for many reasons. First, I am a pacifist and I oppose war as a general rule. However, it's not that I think war is never justified. There are times that it is; World War II comes to mind. However, there is NO justification for war with Iraq. I don't believe that violence, be it against a person or a nation, is justified unless it is in self-defense or in defense of others. Anyone who makes the first strike is automatically in the wrong, and none of this talk about pre-empting the threat will change the way I feel about this.

It astounds me how arrogant and short-sighted Americans are, particularly our president. How often we condemn other nations for certain behaviors, then turn around and do the exact same thing. It was wrong when Iraq invaded Kuwait; if America attacks Iraq it will be every bit as wrong. The fact that we are America won't make it right. The argument that Saddam Hussein is evil won't make it right. It is the same priniciple, and all the rhetoric and all the name-calling and villifying of Hussein won't make it any better. Unless Iraq makes a decisive attack against the United States no hostile action will be justified, and until I see irrefutable evidence that Saddam Hussein was directly involved in the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01 they will not count as proper justification.

It seems to me that this whole problem with Iraq boils down to a Bush-Hussein blood feud, and I don't see any reason why American citizens should have to risk their lives fighting Bush's fisticuffs for him.

Bush's recent State of the Union address was the height of arrogance. After appealing to the latent sense of mass paranoia by painting Saddam Hussein as a shadowy figure aiding and abetting terrorism and pretending that he is primarily interested in peace, he said, "if war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force and might of the United States military - and we will prevail." With those words President Bush reminded me of a batterer. Batterers often try to shift responsibility from themselves onto their victims: "The victim provoked me," they'll say. "The victim was asking for it...the victim knew better than to anger me."

I am not trying to equate Bush and Hussein to an abusive relationship and I don't mean to suggest that Hussein is an innocent victim, but if Bush acts on his bloodlust it is the citizens of Iraq at large who will be victimized, the same "brave and oppressed people of Iraq" that Bush tried to placate during his speech in a disgusting attempt ingratiate himself to the people he is planning to devastate, and to distinguish himself as a more honorable person than their dictator. Between friends like Saddam Hussein and President Bush, the Iraqi people do not need enemies.

Yet the citizens of Iraq are not the only ones who will suffer as a result of another war with Iraq. I believe that another such war will result in more terrorism on American soil...perpetrated by Americans.

It is easy, after 9-11-01, to paint the face of terrorism as a swarthy, Middle Eastern face. But let us not forget that terrorism once wore the pale, boyish face of a red-blooded American. It is easy, when remembering the horrific sight of planes crashing into the World Trade Center buildings, to forget the devastation caused in Oklahoma City when a truck full of explosives was parked in front of a federal building and left to detonate. And the driver of that truck was Timothy McVeigh, an American and a Gulf War veteran.

It may be easy to forget Oklahoma City, but it is unforgivable. Likewise there is no excuse for forgetting another, smaller-scale terrorist act committed by an American less than six months ago. I am referring to the sniper shootings in the Washington DC area. Like Timothy McVeigh, John Allan Muhammed, believed to be the sniper, was a Gulf War veteran.

I am sensing a pattern here, and I do not believe this is a coincidence. To me the elder Bush is little better than Osama bin Laden. With all the younger Bush's talk about tracking down terrorists, I believe he should look in his own backyard and with all his talk of fighting the war on terrorism he ought to remove the plank from his own eye and that of his father's before he tries to remove the splinters in the eyes of other nations.
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