Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

John Kerry Picks John Edwards to Be Running Mate

And I have concluded that that was a good move on his part.

I was hoping that he would pick my man Wesley Clark, figuring if he couldn't be president he could at least be the man a heartbeat away from the presidency.

But I've decided that Edwards was a good choice, because he's very popular, especially in the south. He also has boyish good looks. He looks like the boy next door. And he's had a child die, as I've just found out listening to the news. He's been touched by tragedy. When the Republican Attack Machine turns their guns on him, as they inevitably will, they are going to look like a bunch of bullies. Americans don't like bullies. Americans like underdogs.

Yes, I was disappointed not to see Clark on the ticket, but on the other hand there will be plenty of Cabinet positions that will need to be filled, and I'd like to see Clark in a position that holds some actual power and responsibility, like Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense, because he is one smart cookie. Smart, eloquent, and compassionate.

The game is afoot.
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