Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

An Editorial

John Thune is running ads that say that the proposed Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage will not take away anyone’s rights. This is both true and misleading. It’s impossible to take from the American gay population a right that has always been denied them.

Our society judges gay people and non-gay people by different standards. This is discrimination, which serves one purpose only: to make one group of people feel superior to another group. To deny gay people the right to marry is to deny their humanity.

It’s easy to justify this discrimination when talking about gays in general terms. But none of us truly has this luxury because every one of us knows at least one gay person, whether or not we are aware of it: a neighbor, a co-worker, perhaps a friend or family member.

Could you look into the eyes of a loved one and say, “You are inferior to me. Your feelings are invalid and you are unworthy to be considered human”? If you vote for this amendment, or those who support it, that is the message that you will be sending to the nation’s gay population, every individual of which is somebody’s son or daughter, brother or sister...possibly even your own.

When our Constitution was framed, it denied the rights and the humanity of a large segment of our population. How many Americans spilled their blood and gave their lives to rectify that mistake? Let us not begin a new century by repeating the mistake our ancestors made by writing discrimination into our highest law, lest our children have to pay the ultimate price to rectify our mistake.


I will submit the preceeding editorial to my local newspaper, or rather a severely truncated version of it, because newspapers have ridiculous word limits. Two hundred words indeed.
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