Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

The Despot of America

Bush has reached a new low.

First, he attempted to fight terrorism by becoming a terrorist. He declared himself above the Geneva Conventions, the rules of war. You know who consider themselves above the rules of war? TERRORISTS! All this while still touting the values we Americans believe in, like honor. Honor indeed!

Then, before I had a chance to formulate my raw fury into words, he goes and pulls another stunt that makes Bush the Terrorist seem like small potatoes.

Now he is trying to fight dictatorship by making himself into a dictator.

I knew there was trouble as soon as I heard Tommy Ridge say that there was "credible evidence" that al-Quaida was planning another attack, since this administration has proved that they wouldn't know "credible evidence" if it bit them in the ass. I knew that this must be a ploy, formulated to trick the American people into voting for Bush again. But I thought they'd use verbal manipulation, like, "The terrorists don't want me to be your president, so go out and show them that you do, and they can't change your minds!"

I have said that I wouldn't put it past Bush to try to circumvent the law so that he can remain president, but I didn't think he would do it during THIS election, and I never thought he would play on the fears of the American people to do it.

But now they're talking about "postponing" the election.

Oh, I can see where this is going: postpone it to a later date, then the terrorists plan an attack for that date. The postpone to an undisclosed date. Then postpone it indefinitely. Next thing you know we're all bowing down to Georgius Bushius Rex.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Someone needs to remind our president that he derives his power from us, and he cannot intimidate his way to the throne. He invades countries, and we fall back. He takes away our freedoms in the name of security, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here: "This far, no farther!"

And we must make him pay for what he's done.
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