Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

Brokeback Mountain Week

I've declared this to be Brokeback Mountain Week here in my journal. During this week I will be posting ponderings related in some way to the movie Brokeback Mountain (though probably not every day).

Now, those of you familiar with my journal and my comments made in the journals of others may be asking, "Isn't every week Brokeback Mountain Week for you?" And indeed, it is true that the film holds a special place in my heart, not only every week but every moment of every day.

That being said, I've only written in depth about my initial reactions to the film, not of the insights I have gained from it over repeated viewings over the 10 months since it was released (has it been ten months already? only 9 since I've seen it though, because it didn't come here until January) and the six months since it was released on DVD (needless to say I bought it that very morning). So I'm devoting this week to sharing those insights.

Of course it remains to be seen how insightful they truly are. The entries will be behind cuts out of courtesy to friends' pages, the spoiler-sensitive, and to people who would prefer not to read the ramblings of a Brokeback devotee. I'd prefer the cuts over censoring myself for spoilers because (a) that would defeat the whole point and (b) I don't think this is a film where it particularly matters; it's not like the Sixth Sense or something. So just be aware that there are spoilers behind the cuts, and that goes for any other movies I may choose to compare with Brokeback Mountain (there will be at least two such movies). I don't know whether or not anyone cares (my guess is probably not) but I hate it when people spoil things for me so I'm paranoid about not spoiling things for people.

So, Brokeback Mountain Week starts today and ends on the 12th. The only thing more I have to add for tonight is to draw attention to my new icon that I made in honor of the occasion. The essay entries start in earnest tomorrow.
Tags: brokeback mountain, heath ledger, theme week
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