Mary Arline (queen_of_kithia) wrote,
Mary Arline

What are the Republicans playing at?

A slight digression before I get on with my main topic of the day. The other day I was washing dishes and pondering why so many people continue to like and support Bush even though he lies to us all the time. His words go against so many of the facts, yet many, many people are willing to overlook this shortcoming. Is it because of party loyalty? Is it because of lingering post-9/11/01 guilt? Then I had an epiphany: it's because he is telling the people what they want to hear. He's basically given them permission to believe what they want regardless of what is actually going on in the world. This, of course, was the same tactic employed by Adolf Hitler, so we know that eventually it will be his downfall. But how many people will have to die before "eventually" comes around?

I'm very proud of myself for figuring this out, and it's become a great comfort to me; if only I knew how to use this information to John Kerry's advantage.

But the main topic of this evening deals with the Republican National Convention, and its keynote address by Sen. Zealot--I mean "Zell"--Miller.

I'd never heard of this guy before, but he is a senator from Georgia and ostensibly a Democrat...and certainly a spittle-emitting, certifiably crazy person. Okay, I've had politically oriented screaming fits before, but never as an adult, never on national television, and never as part of a keynote address.

Even though he's supposed to be a Democrat, he doesn't seem to believe in anything that they believe in. Not to say that if you belong to a political party you have to believe everything they say, but Sen. Zealot not only seems to agree with Republicans on the issues, he seems to take the most extreme view possible. Bush and Co. usually take on a façade of civility and diplomacy, at least when speaking in public, but this guy didn't hold back at all. It's like he's the guy who says the things that Bush and Co. are too polite to say. Since most of you who will read this are Sevilians, you will most likely understand this allusion* : it's like Sen. Miller is the "receptacle" into which Bush and Co. are dumping all their negative emotions so that they can appear more calm and reasonable.

So at first when I was watching this speech, I thought, "They've just handed us the election. Asking him to speak was the best gift they could have given us." But then I pondered...are the Republicans really that bumbling and inept? When it comes to running the country, yes, but the goal of every elected official is to get re-elected, so that's where they're going to give their best effort. Surely they wouldn't play the spittle-emitting maniac card unless they thought it would benefit them.

But will it?

*although some of you may not understand what an "allusion" is, and may find this reference helpful:
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